KEWPIE Japanese Dressing Yuzu Shoyu

Clear dressing in Japanese style. Enjoy Yuzu flavour in vegetarian formula Pass Healthier choice certified to guarantee that sugar, oil, sodium meet the criteria.

Selling Point :

  • Premium, creamy dressing : smooth, rich, and tasty
  • Unique truffle aroma but not too strong
  • No MSG added
  • Truffle pate imported from Italy
  • Under healthier choice certified

Net Volume :

50 g / 210 ml.

Product Shelf life :


50 g.

210 ml.

Shelf life

6 months

12 months

Suggestion : 

Class separation is a normal feature, Shake well before use, seal lid tightly and refrigerated after opening

Ingredients :

Soybean oil 21%, Sugar 11%, Vinegar 5%, Iodized salt 2%, Egg yolk 1%, Truffle flavour 0.4%, Black truffle pate 0.3%

Allergen Information :

Contains Egg,  Mustard, Milk, Fish and Wheat products