Kewpie, a manufacturer and distributor Kewpie mayonnaise, salad dressing, and vinegar, with a joint venture between affiliates in the Saha Group and Kewpie Corporation Japan, registered on 4 April 1994 at Lum Din Subdistrict, Mueang District, Ratchaburi 70000.
Also, it operates food production such as sauces, soups, spreads, and fresh pre-cut vegetables with various distribution channels, such as fast food business, bakery business, processed food factories, restaurants, retailers, and wholesalers throughout Thailand and oversea.
Certified by GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001: 2008, FSSC 22000: 2010.
"Eating" is not only for the living but also fulfill our happiness with delicious and varied food. We interact and spend time with our family and friends while eating as well. Since the foundation of KEWPIE, we always adhere to the company philosophy of "quality" and conduct business with integrity. From now on, we will continue to work diligently and create a variety of convenient, reasonably-priced, tasty, and good quality foods for everyone's health.
Mr. Tatsuo  Kabesu
Managing Director

Corporate Philosophy of the Kewpie Group

(Key doctrine) "In this world, there is still unpredictable justice." In the old days when Nakashima Toichiro was a teenager, he discovered a key message saying that "we will see people who are lazy or those who cheat get only good things. But for the long term, those who have tried sincerely and earnestly will be accepted and recognized," which makes him very impressed. Since then, he believed that "in this world, there is still unpredictable justice." Therefore, regardless of how difficult it was, he also tried to invent, based on criteria for determining what was true and correct and gave importance to gratitude for those who helped, until 1992, we have inherited this saying as one of the slogans of Toichiro to present.
Company Slogan

RAKU-GYOU-KAI-ETSU (Rakakyo Kaiesu)

Determined to overcome obstacles and create happiness to the same destination
Company Core Value
  • Act on Moral Principles
  • Strive for Originality and Ingenuity
  • Look After Parent´s Well Being
Words to remember: “The world is fairer than you imagine”
Toichiro Nakashima (Founder) was deeply impressed by the following words that he encountered in his younger days: “It may seem that the lazy and sly get aheadin the world. However, the world is actually a place where the people who strive in sincerity and earnestness are the winners in the long run.” He held the belief that“the world is fairer than you imagine.” When faced with difficulties, Toichiro would consider what was true and what was right, and always strove for originalityand ingenuity.Throughout his life he continued to show gratitude toward all those who helped him. These words inherited from Toichiro were included in theKewpie Group corporate principles up to 1992.

Our Idea
We aim to be a group contributing to the food culture andhealth of the world through “great taste, empathy,and uniqueness.”
Complying with group policies, we strive to earn the highest degreeof trust from our customers and stakeholders.

Group Policies

Code of Ethics

(Our responsibilities as a corporate citizen.)

Respect for the Law

We comply with the laws, regulations and social norms of ourown and other countries, as well as our internal company rules,and conduct our corporate activities in an ethical manner.

Respect for Human Rights

We respect human rights and never engage in discrimination orharassment based on race, nationality, religion, gender, age, ormental or physical disability.

Fair and Sustainable Corporate Activities

We engage in free and fair competition, building transparent andstable relationships with clients, shareholders, investors, andgovernmental organizations.

Commitment to Information Security

We protect and do not allow the misuse or wrongful disclosureof the personal or confidential information of our customers,clients, and employees.

Rejection of Antisocial Forces

We take decisive action against antisocial forces which disruptor threaten public law and order, ending all relations with them.

Code of Conduct

(What we must do to enhance the prominence of the Kewpie Group.)

Put Product Quality First

We rise to meet the trust placed in us by our customers,producing safe and reliable products and focusing on qualityin all of our actions.

Promote Diversity

We respect the individuality and aspirations for growth of eachand every one of our employees around the world, allowingthem to perform to their full potential.

Contribute to Society through Nutrition Education

We contribute to society through the advancement of nutritionaleducation, promoting healthy lifestyle choices and working inharmony with local communities and society as a whole.

Protect the Earth’s Environment

We appreciate the blessings of nature and promote a sustainablesociety for future generations by effectively utilizing resourcesand preserving the environment.

Accept New Challenges

We drive growth of the company and the individual bycontinuing to accept new challenges and also by learning fromprevious lessons.



25th Anniversary KEWPIE Thailand.


Changed the name from KewPie to KEWPIE (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Thai Kewpie Company Limited was closed down due to the expiration of the sublease agreement of PFO and moved all employees from Ban Pong District to Kio Pai (Thailand) Company Limited, Lum Din Subdistrict, Mueang District, Ratchaburi Province.


It registered to the change of name from Ek Saowarot Company Limited to Kewpai (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (KEWPIE (THAILAND) CO., LTD.)


It established a new company under the name Ek Saowarot Company Limited, a joint venture between Saha Group and Kewpie Corporation, Japan by acquiring a business from Happy Mansion Company Limited (formerly named Better Home Foods Company Limited), with the factory located at 55 Moo 6, Lum Din Subdistrict, Mueang District, Ratchaburi Province. Food production includes sauces, dry spray products, and vegetable extracts


It moved office from Sathupradit to 612 Ratchadaphisek Road, Bukkhalo, Thon Buri, Bangkok


It signed sublease agreement of PFO with S&J International Company Enterprise Public Company Limited for a period of 19 years and moved the factory to 84 Moo 11, Suan Kluai Subdistrict, Ban Pong District.


The company was registered under the name Thai Kewpie Company Limited, a joint venture between Saha Group and Kewpie Corporation Japan to produce Kewpie distilled vinegar and mayonnaise with the factory and office located at 549/2 Sathupradit Road, Yannawa Subdistrict, Bangkok


Saha Pathana Inter Holding Company Limited and Kewpie Corporation Japan have entered into Memorandum of Agreement for Mayonnaise Production in Thailand